The Assisted Reproduction Unit is in charge of making an accurate diagnosis of the cause of any infertility problem in the couple. This way we can make a desition of the best treatment to follow. The Ultrasound Diagnosis Unit provides high-precision studies for accurate diagnosis in the various areas of medicine. This unit works closely with the other units providing the doctor all the information necessary to make a correct diagnosis of the patient’s condition. The newborn care and developmental control are important factors starting at the moment of birth. Embriovid’s Pediatrics Unit offers its patients all the prenatal assessment and pediatric control necessary from the moment of birth. 
Our Gynecology Unit is responsible for what concerns to the health of women in all aspects. Starting from the ovulation process, that is, from menarche through menopause and all the physiological changes that are provoked by these events. Our Obstetrics Unit provides the entire prenatal care throughout pregnancy, monitoring the health of the mother and the normal development of the fetus in her womb.     

The Genetics Unit at Embriovid specializes in the care of patients with hereditary diseases. These diseases are characterized by being infrequent and usually manifest by the presence of congenital malformations.



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